Aphrodites Child

Let Me Live Let Me Love / Marie Jolie

Aphrodite’s Child – Let Me Live Let Me Love / Marie Jolie
Vinyl, 7" (45 RPM)
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This is the first single off of Aphrodite’s Child’s second LP “It’s Five O’Clock” from 1969. Formed out of the ashes of Greek beat band The Forminx, Aphrodite’s Child left Greece, headed to London and wound up in Paris releasing their first record “End Of The World” the year prior.
A great proto-glam stomp pulses through the A side track, “Let Me Live Let Me Love,” that lays somewhere between Slade and The Creation but just as Anglo. Of course all the swirling background vocals and fuzz-wah guitars are in attendance and required of a Summer of Love producion, but with perhaps a darker lyrical content: “I fear death/I just wanna groove.”
The B-side is a lovely acoustic ballad with some interesting effects but really the A-side is where it’s at. Plus at almost 5 minutes long it’s a perfect track to DJ when nature calls and the bathroom lines are at their longest!
They released one more record, “666” in 1972 and then two of the members apparently went on to have success as solo artists back in Greece.


  • A1 Let Me Live Let Me Love
  • B2 Marie Jolie


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