Brooklyn Flea Record Fair (Spring 2014)

Crate digging for 45s at Chris Carnahan and Orivious Records


I have admit that I did not have high expectations for the biannual Brooklyn Flea Record Fair although, amongst the 50 plus vendors, Chris Carnahan Records and Orivious Records helped make it worthwhile.

I spent a couple hours at the table of Chris Carnahan Records where I dug and sampled my way through several boxes of un sleeved soul, funk, gospel, reggae and island 45s all priced at $2. It wasn’t really a 45 crowd, aside from a couple serious diggers. Those who did stop by were mostly interested in Madonna and Elvis picture sleeves.

Orivious Records offered a selection of rather decent soul 45s for $1, although I was most intrigued by their box of Panamanian and various latin records. While flipping through a box I observed the humorous scene of a guy clutching his phone with a large stack of 45s in front of him. He would carefully inspect each record and then proceed to look up and listen them on YouTube. Upon catching sight of my turntable he stopped and stared in bewilderment.

By about 2pm, like most public events in Brooklyn, the fair had become so overcrowded that I could not approach a single table. However, I was fine with that since I had already picked up a nice stack of Jamaican gospel, Rocksteady, Ska, Panamanian soul, funk and oddball 45s by this point.

Listen to my mix, Brooklyn Flea Reggae, Gospel & Latin Grooves, that compiles some of the records I picked up.

Also check out “Vuelve Amor Mio” by Ismael Cardenas Con The Lyrics Combo:

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  1. Mark

    I don’t venture out much looking for records, just my local charity shops and bootfairs, but love buying and gettin’ hits (high) off them. This one would definitely have made it past customs and onto my shelves.